It is our vision to help women feel beautiful and confident through high quality, ethically produced fashion, at accessible prices.

Women are the future and we are the change

We believe that through education and transparency we can part of the solution to helping women make conscious choices when purchasing clothing. We do not want any women or child to be taken advantage of in the process of making fashion and we want our customer to be proud to wear the Isle of Summer brand.

Making it easier to shop ethically 

We believe there are two reasons consumers struggle to make ethical choices when purchasing clothing:

  1. Transparency - do you know who made your clothes? Well we want you to know who makes your clothing and their working conditions. We share all the behind the scene of our factory in Bali right here.
  2. Price - quite often ethically produced items come with high price tags, and so they should! Ethical means workers are paid a fair living wage, receive pensions, healthcare, maternity leave and holidays. However, the nature of the fashion industry is that products are also often marked up significantly, why else can some brands offer 60% off sales!? We monitor our costs closely and have made the conscious decision not to heavily mark-up our products to ensure they remain accessible.

Whilst we can't promise to be perfect, we do promise to always choose ethically made and to consider the environmental impact of our footprint. As a brand we will always strive to improve and make a difference to our community.