Coming from a long line of dressmakers and quilters, it was only natural that Julia would develop a love for sewing and garment construction. Largely self-taught (with a few lessons from Grandma thrown in), Julia loves timeless fashion and fabulous colours. Having been told to 'tone it down' as a child, she now lives by the motto:

While looking for a gingham dress in extended sizes, Julia stumbled across - and fell in love with - the brand, Isle of Summer Label. She insta-stalked the brand for a while, loving all the gorgeous pieces. Happy to have finally found a brand that fit her perfectly, Julia became a devoted customer.

Julia in white shirt head shot

When the brand came up for sale, it was a sign from the Universe for Julia who jumped at the opportunity to take the helm and continue the IOSL legacy.

Mum to a strong-willed little girl, Arlo, Julia knows what it’s like to juggle mum-life and full time work; the constant pull between two worlds. It’s her goal to create beautiful, timeless pieces that can just as easily be worn on play dates at the park, at the office or on the very rare and precious Mum's night out!


Julia sitting on a stool in a midi length Ivy dress in mint green gingham



When it's easy to look great, you feel like you’re walking on sunshine! Our mission is to capture this feeling in every dress we make, brighten your day and give you the freedom to run your busy schedule in complete comfort.


When you know, you just know. By focusing on fit and creating simple yet elegant shapes, our collections are based on our core shapes and sizes. When you buy an IOSL garment, it’s going to fit perfectly, every single time. We aim to create timeless pieces which you’ll keep grabbing out of the cupboard season after season.


 Julia sitting at a white concrete table in Ivy Dress in Pink Icing Gingham


With the clothing industry contributing to some of the worst working conditions, at Isle of Summer Label we want to look good, while doing good. We partner with production partners who believe that brands should be responsible for not only the way they do business, but the environment and the communities they touch as well.

Using a slow-fashion, small-batch model, we create enduring styles with layering options and classic, versatile pieces that encourage customers to build minimalist wardrobes and invest in garments they can keep for life. We work with factories that provide a living wage and good working conditions for their people, and we continually work to reduce any negative impacts of our supply chain. We believe in empowering women, and prioritise partnerships with companies led by women.

The next phase of the journey is a transition to sustainable fabrics and production methods, to further reduce our environmental footprint.