Founded by Emily Whishaw

With a new baby in one arm and a toddler at her feet, feeling a million miles away from her former corporate life and completely frustrated with frumpy breastfeeding clothing, the idea for Isle of Summer was born.

Emily thought to herself, imagine if my breastfeeding clothing was so pretty I would actually want to wear it beyond the baby years!

Mixing her love for colour and fun prints, every Isle of Summer collection is designed to be functional, comfortable and able to flex with your ever changing body. Emily knows the struggle of no longer feeling like yourself and rediscovering your sense of style after having kids and she wants to make this journey an easy one for you.

founded by emily whishaw
clothing to wear everyday


Clothing you'll want to wear everyday!

There is nothing more amazing than having a stranger walk up to you in the street and tell you how fabulous you look! Yes, this really does happen to our customers.

Our mission is to capture this feeling in every dress we make, brighten your day and allow you the freedom to run your busy schedule in complete comfort.



There is nothing more disappointing than falling in love with a particular dress style and then not being able to get it again! Once you've found your golden slipper (aka favourite dress and fit), we want you to always have the confidence to be able to get her again!

Based on customer feedback, we have developed our core styles which we re-imagine each season, giving you the confidence to know the size and fit of every collection, making clothes shopping so much easier!

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